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Dumb cat children.

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So my art turned really cartoony and I don’t know what the hell happened.

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i like necks a lot yeh lets talk about necks!!! u gotta know what’s going on in there to draw necks, here’s a fairly simple run down.

Also a lot (most all) of my anatomy knowledge comes from taking Scott Eaton’s anatomy for artists course.  If you have a chance/money to take it, it’s really great.  

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good morning princess!

my son ; - ;

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i accidentally made him reeeal small

It’s my boy!

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Sae is an acronym.

How dare you deceive us

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hoooly shit first good khajiit drawing in months

anywho ye have my skyrim bab

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Anonymous said:
im curious why you're only doing sketches recently


Because I am in pain every hour of every day and sketches are all I can manage with hands that shake so hard I spill my beverages :)

Bruh, where the fuck have you been for the past twelve months????

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If you cant attend life drawing sessions. This is the best thing for you

Let me show you something I recently found : Croquis Cafe!

You get to see models of different colors and shapes in a life drawing setting. They move and breath while posing (breathing like in real life :O) ambient music is playing in the background and you have 1, 2  and 5 minute sessions. I find it very helpful , you should try it.






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